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Femi Adigun, aka Femdot, is a Chicago based rapper on the rise. He separates himself from others lyrically while also being a great student academically, as he studies biological sciences with a health science concentration and a minor in peace, justice and conflict studies at DePaul University. Throughout all his work at school he still finds time to release new music and continuously delivers. This Nigerian-American artist, at only 22 years old, has been making music his entire life and there’s no stopping him now.

Femdot’s beginnings revolve around his family, which is one of his biggest source of supporters. His stage name, created by his siblings originally as a nickname, mimics the S.Carter shoes by Jay-Z. Femdot says he lived in a “Roc-A-Fella Household,” so it’s no surprise that this came about.

Femdot started getting involved with music through his older brother, Kola, at around six years old. His brother (who is 12 years older than him) was a rapper himself and encouraged Femdot to start. He introduced him to many different albums from rappers such as Jay-Z and Nas. Coincidentally, when his brother stopped rapping, Femdot started to actually try it out. Throughout his life he would record songs on his webcam, sell burned CDs, perform in talent shows, buy equipment, and yet, his efforts in music was all a back-up plan.

It wasn’t until 2011 that Femdot trended on Chicago Twitter, (when he wasn’t even in Chicago at the time), for releasing “A Tribe Called Fresh” online. At that moment people started paying more attention to him, but he still didn’t take it as serious yet; he was too focused on school.

Femdot was finally convinced from the summer of 2015 going into 2016 that he’s “lowkey not terrible” and that he should keep writing. He believes his experiences in life and how he grew up is what makes him stand apart from other artists, allowing him to reach and relate to many people with his music. In his opinion, how he prioritizes, raps, writes, makes music, along with “[his] voice”, are his biggest separators. He even shared that he can write songs to the “sounds of buses moving” and “paint drying.” Femdot writes to get his thoughts out and to be in a good place mentally. He says it’s always been more than, “making music for the sake of making music.”    

Now, how does Femdot create all of this music while being a great student? Easy—prioritize.

He says, “There is no balance, it’s a constant give and take. Push and pull. You have to set your priorities,” and of course those change from time to time. Femdot shares that there were times he came to class late from flying back from a show, or has done lab reports at a festival. He says, “it’s learning about what is important at that moment” and “about finding equilibrium for that day.” Additionally, he mentions that once he started going to school for himself and not his parents, it has made things a lot easier. Now everything he does, he definitely wants to do. 

In the next four to five years, Femdot hopes to “rap good enough” to get the attention on him to direct it on trying to help people. He wants to use his expertise and knowledge gained from his degree to create a non-profit to assist with literacy in black Chicago communities as well as others, specifically in health.

ber of this year. Femdot says we should be expecting a Femdelacreme Vol. 2 in 2018, so get excited!

“Impossible is an idea made for people who are scared of the unknown” -- Femdot

If you would like more information about Femdot, his music, tickets for his shows and more, go to his website, or follow him @femdotdotcom. Download his new single “happyoctober” on Apple Music, Spotify and Sound Cloud. 

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