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Below you will find a few work examples. I have been involved in numerous projects from very high-level campaigns to simple rebrands for units; this is only a small percentage of what I have worked on throughout the years. Additionally, I have done various advertisements digitally, through social media and Spotify that are not shown. Ask me about my work - I'd love to chat.

Flu Campaign

Penn State University Health Services 

A health center client has an annual flu campaign to educate students on the importance of the flu shot as well as promote their flu clinics. Numerous marketing methods were used to disseminate the information to undergraduate students: on-campus advertising, social media messages, print/digital ads and more. 

Marketing materials from the flu campaigns. Materials vary from social media posts, promotional items, and posters. All items have the client's logo, and use Penn State brand guidelines with the colors navy blue, green and white,

Cultural Center Rebrand

Penn State Paul Robeson Cultural Center

A client needed to do a minor rebrand as they wanted to re-establish themselves on-campus and build awareness.

Marketing material example mock ups on a phone and tablet.

Logo Refresh

Siradji Visuals Productions

A client requested a logo for their photography and videography business. They wanted a sleek logo design that could work on various graphics, images, and videos. This is just one iteration of the logo. 

Siradji Visuals Productions logo on a tablet mockup.

Various Marketing Examples

Penn State Health & Wellness Units

Here are three examples of posters that were requested by clients for campaigns and services. 

Three poster mockups for the alcohol awareness campaign, COVID vaccinations and a wellness campaign.
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