Social Media

For all of the brand's that I have worked for, I have used, Hootsuite, Unum, Google Analytics, as well as each platform's insights to assist with performance reports and how to better the brand. Below you'll find some examples of post performances.


For DARLA Media's Facebook, I was able to gain over 1,000 video views and reached over 3,000 people. I used a video from Will Smith's Instagram story to spread motivation and knowledge to our followers. The feedback was amazing as it has allowed us to get more traffic on our page, as Facebook isn't our most followed platform.


For DARLA Media's Twitter, I was able to gain 114 total clicks on our article post, The Black Outdoors, which is one of the highest clicks we have received. It's also interesting to note that our followers have sent this link also through email and SMS. This information was tracked through 


For DARLA Media's Instagram,our followers have been increasing almost 2.5% each week for the past 6 months due to our content and use of hashtags, as well as our engagement. From April-May we have had over 3,000 impressions, with recent increases of 30%. 

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